Exterior concept by Peter Baggaley

Mobile – Efficient – Autonomous

Dynamic Locomotion, Inc. (Dynaloco) was founded in 2018 to develop autonomous machines for environmental monitoring, agriculture, and other applications of highly dynamic and energy-efficient robotic systems. We can help with  conception and design as well as building and testing. We have multiple ongoing robot development projects and are currently hiring. Join us and create the robots of the future!

Co-founder Jason Cortell, PE, has over thirty years’ experience in autonomous robot development, including system, mechanical, electrical, and embedded code design. His focus has been on obtaining high performance from humanoid robots and other legged machines while maximizing battery life. He has also developed intraoperative and implantable medical devices for use in humans and animals, which provided valuable experience for soft robot development.

Co-founder and technical advisor Andy Ruina was the John F. Carr Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Cornell University and is an expert in dynamics: analysis, simulation, control, and optimization of mechanical systems. He is a life-long sailor and wrote one of the early papers on the theoretical limits of sailboat performance.

Let’s make some robots!